Matcha Chawan and other wares for Japanese Tea Ceremony

Drinking tea can offer a sacred moment: an opportunity to pause, center, gather and contemplate the beauty and wonder of our lives. At such a time, why drink from a paper cup or a soul-less tea cup?

My Chawan (Japanese matcha tea bowls for tea ceremony),  Yunomi (Japanese-style tea cups) and small tea cups are designed to bring sacredness to your tea time. No two cups or tea bowls are ever identical, but each has it’s own voice, it’s own beauty. I also make Shiboridashi, Houhin, and Kyusu – all pots for pouring tea.

In Japan, drinking sake is a communal, ritual experience. By tradition, one never pours sake for oneself, but for your companion. It’s a sign of respect and communion. The ceramics used are part of the ceremony: by tradition, the cups (Guinomi) and bottle (Tokkuri) don’t match exactly, but complement each other…like people.

“Bizen” style Shiboridashi and cup


porcelain anagama fired sake bottle
Porcelain anagama fired chawan
anagama fired Shigaraki-styled tea cup